Add/edit your "Practice areas" and "Main industries"

This article explains how to add or edit your "Practice areas" and "Main industries".

Make sure your Services cover the practice areas and industries that you want to display in the header of your profile

Before you can add or edit the "practice areas" and "main industries" in the header of your profile, you need to make sure that the services you have created cover such practice areas and industries. If they don't, then you need to adjust the coverage of those services so that they do. If you have no service listings, then you need to create at least one. ;)

Step 1: Click on the button "Manage" in your service cards. 

Step 2: Click on the "Edit" button

Step 3: Update your practice areas and main industries, then click on the "Update" button.

You need to click in that button, and edit the industries covered by that service. In your case, the button says "Manage" (because you're the owner). Once you have updated the industries in that service, go again to your header and update the main industries that you'd like to display in your profile header.

Adding/editing your "Practice areas"

Step 1; Click on the edit icon in your header

Step 2: Update your practice areas

Adding/editing your "Main industries"

The "main industries" in your header will be updated automatically when you add industries to your services. In other words, the industries that you select when creating/editing a service will automatically be added to your header. See below how I add "Energy" as an industry for one of my services, and how it is automatically added to my header when I save the changes:

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