Best practices for Enloya profile pictures and company logo
The first step in customizing your Enloya profile is to upload a high-resolution portrait. In case you have one, you should also include your company logo. Below is a screenshot of what I did for myself:

Best practices for profile pictures and company logos
  • Use a high-resolution image. There is nothing more distrustful for a client  prospect than blurry profile pictures or otherwise low-resolution images. If you are a top-notch lawyer, invest in a top-notch portrait. Law firms do this and you should too. It will pay off. Same goes for your company logo.
  • Make sure your face takes most of the frame. It is scientifically proven that our eyes are the most powerful part of our bodies to build trust in the digital world. Enloya allows you to crop your picture. Crop it so that your face fills the frame from the top of your shoulders to just above your head.
  • Choose a background that suits you. The rule of thumb here is to avoid distracting backgrounds and to choose a background that suits your personality.
Pro tip: if you would like to create a profile picture similar to mine, you need to remove the background of your photo first and then replace it by the color of your choice. You can do both things for free with Canva. We can do this for you if you face any issues. Ping us via the chat widget in our website to get started.

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