What are Enloya's subscription fees for lawyers?
We have four pricing plans:

Basic Plan: our Basic Plan is free for as long as our platform is in beta version (or for a minimum of three months following your registration). Under this plan, you can create and customize your Enloya profile and create up to 10 service listings. Once our beta version (or your three-month trial period) is over, the subscription fee will be €99 monthly or 999 annually.

Pro Plan: our Pro Plan is 149 monthly or 999 annually. Under this plan, you can create unlimited service listings. The Pro Plan is ideal for solo practitioners who are committed to leveraging the Enloya platform for client leads and prospects.

Growth Plan: our Growth Plan will be available soon. Under this plan, you will be able to create unlimited service listings and assign lawyers under your supervision as part of a team. Additional lawyers can be added as you go. The Growth Plan will be ideal for owners of small legal firms with growth ambitions.

Enterprise Plan: our Enterprise Plan is suited for law firms who want to digitize their entire legal practice. For a customized plan, please contact us at

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