Advanced: Optimize your profile to maximize success

Why is optimizing your Enloya profile so important? 

Because Enloya's search algorithm depends on the content and keywords in your profile. If your profile is incomplete, or contains inaccurate information, your chances of success in the platform are affected. To help our search algorithm match you with the best possible clients and partners, you want to complete your profile and make sure it is well written.

Best practices for each tab:
  • Services: the best possible suggestion I can give you here, is to create your first services as soon as possible. As you have probably realized by now, the Enloya platform has two search modes. Clients (and yourself) can search for either lawyers or legal services. To profit from the second mode, you want to create as much service listings as you possibly can. The more service listings your create, the greater chances of appearing in the results (and being hired) you will have.
  • Fees: before choosing a particular attorney, clients need to know their budget and payment options. Help your client prospects understand whether they can afford you by disclosing your average hourly fee as well as by providing some context about your payment options. Transparency will take you a long way in the Enloya marketplace.
  • About me: let your clients know the fundamentals of who you are; what are your areas of expertise, what can you do for them; where did you study; and which admissions and certifications you have.
  • Professional experience: inform your clients about your professional experience.
  • Accomplishments: if you have published articles, been featured in TV, or won an award ... this is where you brag about it! Let your clients know about your accomplishments.

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