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Enloya is a powerful platform where you can digitize your entire legal practice and sell your legal services remotely on a global scale. In a way, Enloya is on a quest to combine the best from LinkedIn and Amazon in a one-stop legal marketplace. While we're not there yet, that's where we're headed.

So, to take full advantage of the Enloya platform, you really want to digitize your legal practice.

Tutorial video

We have prepared a short tutorial video that describes the "best practices" you should follow in digitizing your first legal services.

Create service listings to digitize your legal practice

  • The general principle: transform your legal skills into a service. Which legal skills can you transform into a service? Are you good with legal research? Are you an expert in a particular area? Are you particularly knowledgeable or skilled at something? Make a list of your most advanced legal skills, and then create a service listing for each of skill.
  • Create your first legal services as soon as possible. As an early adopter, you have an advantage over those who will join the platform later: your profile and services will be visible to client prospects from Day 1 (aka you will have very little competition). Scholarly research has shown that, when it comes to digital platforms, being early beats being better.
  • Create as much legal-service packages as you possibly can. The more service listings you create and appear in your profile, the greater chances of being hired you will have. As you will notice from the beta version of our app, Enloya has two modes of search: clients can search for "lawyers" or for "services". In the first mode, you can only appear once in the search results (because there is only one of you), but in the second mode, the number of times you may appear in the search results has a direct correlation with the number of services you have created.
  • Understand how our search algorithm works. The more (and more specific) content your profile and services include, the easiest our search algorithm will find you and list you in the search results. Our search algorithm is entirely keyword-based, so including important keywords in your profile and services is fundamental for your success in the Enloya platform.
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